Check out our packages! Travel With The Boys is the only company that offers packages to Kiev/Odessa (Ukraine) & Warsaw (Poland) from all destinations. We organise flights, transport, hotels/apartments and events or activities! If you prefer us to organise a full package including flights please email [email protected] or complete the 'Group Request' form. Remember that the average food and drink prices in our destinations are very low, so you will get great value for money. We make sure you do not get scammed, and are happy to help you with anything you need. A local speaking guide can be at your assistance if you require!

Our Destinations


Kiev, Ukraine 2018

Kiev - what a place! Thoughts such as old, unsafe or war-torn are a thing of the past. Kiev is amazing! Kiev is by far the cheapest capital in Europe to eat out and party! Prague, Budapest? Maybe 10 years ago. Kiev is now the ultimate destination to spend a weekend in Eastern Europe!



Odessa, Ukraine 2018

Odessa is a major tourist destination and one of the largest cities situated to the south of Ukraine. It is sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”.



Warsaw, Poland 2018

This Polish capital is the most modern of the eastern European cities Travel with the Boys offers to visit. You still have however the benefits of a city in the east - cheap drinks and food, a nice old town and a lot of hot chicks.