Odessa is a major tourist destination and one of the largest cities situated to the south of Ukraine. It is sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”. Deribasvoskaya is Odessa's pedestrian street that is the most lively and popular. It is also the city's symbol along which you can find a lot of historical monuments as well as some of the best restaurants and bars in Ukraine! However, Arkadia is where you will be spending most of your time! This part of the Odessa is dedicated to entertainment and party. You will find some of the most famous beaches, restaurants bars and clubs of the country in Arkadia, including Ibiza Beach Club.

More About Odessa



Is Odessa Dangerous?

Odessa is situated to the south and is no different from Kiev No one in Odessa talks about the war with Russia from a few years ago anymore, and we have never been in an uncomfortable situation ourselves. The economic situation in Ukraine is below average compared to European standards. The average income for working class people is 150 - 250 EUR a month. So, as a foreigner you are indeed "wealthy to them". And yes, that means it will be very easy for you guys to have a lot of fun for a small amount of money. Although the country in general is poor, Odessa is where the rich and famous come for the summer! The main party strip looks just like any other major holiday destination. The quality of the cafes and bars in the city centre and on the strip is really high. Great food, drinks, service and prices.

Prices in Odessa

The prices in Odessa are similar to Kiev. At times they can seem ridiculous. There is no other place in Europe or close to Europe, where you are able to get drunk or party for so little money. There are a lot of rich people in Kiev, and therefore also a lot of fancy bars and clubs. But even there, the prices are still reasonable. The only thing that is as expensive as in central Europe is the shopping with items such as clothing, watches & perfumes etc. The prices in the big clubs in Odessa are slightly higher than normal bars but still amazing value. For example, you can get a booth in a massive club that rivals some of the best in the world, in peak season, watching DJ’s like Fedde Le Grand, for around 200 euro. And that includes more than a few bottles of Grey Goose…!




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Odessa like all major cities in Europe offers all accommodation types from 5 star luxury hotels to budget hostel options. The only difference is you get huge value for money in Ukraine & can generally afford to take a higher quality hotel or apartment! We have a large number of quality apartments with great location to suit all groups. If you have a preferred place to stay, any options can be fitted into the package.



Odessa offers a great selection of high quality cafes & restaurants perfect for breakfast, lunch or enjoying an afternoon drink. Majority of cafes we recommend have modern interiors & popular with both the local & tourist crowd in Odessa. Check out some of the highly rated venues below, find a style that suits your individual taste & you won't be disappointed.


In the city centre of Kiev it is possible to find different cuisines from all around the world. Not only are the majority of restaurants very cheap but they offer great quality food and friendly customer service too. We have hand selected a few of our favourites in Odessa from local traditional menus to typical European style restaurants. With the prices so affordable there is no reason why you shouldn't eat at a nice restaurant every night during your stay!


Odessa is a summer destination and has a lot of activities to offer. Boat tours and Water sports are good alternatives if you want to have a break from partying. Besides all the action along the seaside in the Arcadia area, the old town is worth a visit. It’s pretty and historical, with decent shopping and great restaurants.



There are heaps of bars and Karaoke Bars in Odessa, especially in its old town. Karaoke is very popular in Ukraine - people love to go there before clubbing having dinner, drinks and sing. Around the Arcadia area there are a few bars as well, even though it’s mostly about the clubs here. In general the bar scene in Odessa is not very big though, people are more into having big and nice dinners and then go clubbing.


Odessa is without a doubt a summer city! All the best clubs are only open during the months of May - September, right at the seaside. They are all open air beach clubs that turn into dance clubs at night time. Dancing and partying under clear sky is what gives you the little extra holiday feeling. The clubs are spacious and you usually get a VIP booth and bottle service rather than just standing around at the bar all night.



General prices in Odessa

  • Borsch: 30 - 100 uah (1 - 4 EUR)
  • Average meal in restaurant: 90 UAH (3-4 EUR)
  • Beer: 20 - 45 uah (1 - 2 EUR)
  • Vodka 50 ml: 20 - 100 uah (1 - 4 EUR)
  • Bottle of Vodka: 150 uah for local bottle (4 EUR) - 70 EUR for Premium Bottle in a Club (Grey Goose) - average price in a Club 20-30 EUR (Smirnoff)


Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe. Taxis around the city cost no more than $ 3, and the driver is unlikely to fool the foreign tourist. You can also use Uber. Just agree on a price before you get into the cab.

Open People

Ukrainians are very friendly people who usually are happy to help foreigners if they need anything. Even if their level of English is not good, they will make an effort and try to communicate with you.


During summer months this is the area to be. Food, beach, party, whatever you look for, you will find here.


Odessa (especially the Arcadia area) is incredibly clean. Ukrainians care about the hygiene and cleanliness of their homes and do not throw garbage on the streets and take care of supporting the appearance of their city.

Old and New

Travellers are often pleasantly surprised at how the old and new style of architecture are combined in Ukraine. Westerners who have never been to Ukraine may think that the country looks a bit run down. Sure, there are still some old apartment blocks that are aging, but there are so many new buildings, malls and houses. The country is up and coming and you can see it.

A few tips for those who are going to Odessa:

  • Be aware that not everywhere in the city is well equipped with signs for tourists and in most cases written in Ukrainian or Russian.
  • Do not try to call a Ukrainian a Russian. And do not confuse Ukraine with Russia. Just never do it. Never.
  • Learn the most common basic phrases in Ukrainian or Russian.
  • Change dollars and euros at the currency exchange kiosks. This is much more profitable than withdrawing money from an ATM.