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Minsk is for the groups, who truly seek an unknown and exotic experience. If you want to feel the vibe of the old soviet union, this is the place to go. Belarus only opened its borders to European’s in March 2017. Before that, it was very difficult to even get a visa to visit this country. Therefore, you will be exotic to them as well. In Minsk, you feel like in old Russia. You see the communist architecture and people here have their own mentality. Very friendly tho! Apart from that, Minsk has the biggest student population of the country and offers great nightlife. There are also many casinos as well as great restaurants.

More About Minsk



Is Minsk Dangerous?

This might come as a surprise for many, but Minsk is actually very safe compared to most other major cities in the world. There are no real dangerous areas in Minsk, and in the 5 years of traveling here, there has not been one situation where personal safety was in danger, or that anyone got robbed. It just does not seem in the nature of people here, and given that communism was always present, no one really had a lot, so there was not a lot to take from anyone.

Prices in Minsk

Prices are very cheap compared to European standards. Prices are cheaper than in Poland and of course it depends what kind of places you go to. If you go out for a meal you can expect to pay 70% less than what you expect to pay in cental Europe. You can have shots in student bars for as little as 1 EUR. We can also arrange for you a VIP reservation in one of the fancier clubs with bottle service, for prices that are still decent.




Belarus is a very exotic destination. There are not many direct flights to Minsk. However, getting here is not a big issue. Luckily you can fly from Warsaw to Minsk for little money and you can get to Warsaw from almost anywhere in Europe very cheaply. All you need to do is to make one quick stop, prices will be decent and it won’t take too long either. Just contact us and ask for assistance!


No big deal, just let us know your arrival/departure times and we will organise this for you. No point waiting for a taxi. It will also be cheaper to pre-book as a group!


We have carefully selected the most conveniently located apartments in Minsk to ensure getting around Minsk is as easy as possible. We will always book you into a newly furnished, nice and well located apartment. We recommend apartments over a normal hotel or hostel stay as better value for money. You have more privacy, a kitchen and plenty of space for pre drinks before a night out in Minsk. If you just simply prefer a hotel, we have good options for that as well of course. Just ask!



In Minsk they are all over the place. Maybe not the most important thing on a drinking with the boys weekend, however if you ever feel like a quick coffee or snack there are many cool options.


If you are looking for traditional Belarus food, then you will be right at home in Minsk. There are many rustic restaurants, with a great atmosphere and fantastic food. There are unlimited options available and prices are great. One thing you guys should definitely include into your weekend is a good feast at a traditional Belarus restaurant. This is totally up to, let us know what you looking for and we give you the best advice.


This part of your trip to Minsk is very individual and we offer packages with different options. It is really up to you and what you feel like doing. We can organise everything from paintball, AK47 shooting, bubble football, a vodka museum tour or limo rides plus many more. There is enough to do in Minsk and you won’t need to go sightseeing not to be bored!



When visiting the many bars in Minsk we highly recommend you choose one of the many options of beers or vodkas. Many pubs in Minsk have their own breweries and very good, authentic beer. We do not need to mention vodka. Soviet countries take pride in having some of the best vodkas in the world. In Minsk you get them, cheap!


Most clubs in Minsk appear very stylish and sophisticated from the exterior. However, they are still very affordable for you guys travelling from European countries. It is more than worth the effort with some of the most beautiful girls in Europe dancing in their best outfits hoping to meet you! Girls really dress to impress here, and they have a lot to impress with. The Belarus girls are surely the biggest selling point for Minsk’s nightlife!




Minsk offers a completely different travel experience where you dive into another world. Different culture, architecture and people, but that is what makes Minsk so interesting. Apart from that, it is a great city to drink, party and meet the most beautiful ladies. If you want to add something truly unique to your travel list, check it out. And remember – it is really safe in Minsk!

General prices in Minsk

Prices are very cheap compared to European standards. Prices are cheaper than in Poland and of course it depends what kind of places you go to. If you go out for a meal you can expect to pay 70% less than what you expect to pay in cental Europe.

A few tips for those who are going to the capital of Belarus:

The best tip that can be given, is to book with Travel with the Boys. We know the place and we know what you guys are looking for. We make sure you avoid being scammed and that you won’t miss out on the best places to go. Everything will be organised for you and no matter what kind of weekend your group is looking for, we arrange it for you. Get in touch boys!